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Vienna (A) Wiener Konzerthaus Sat 04.12.2021


March 7, 2021

16. Solsberg Festival


Sol Gabetta welcomes you to the 16th edition of the Solsberg Festival. Making music with friends in the unique atmospheres of the sacral-baroque venues on the High Rhine gives her joy and feelings of happiness. It is wonderful to celebrate chamber music together with an interested and open audience, and to make the deep and beautiful aspects of music discoverable and accessible.

The festival year 2020 also presented everyone with organizational, financial and artistic challenges. We are therefore even more excited to be able to realize a more usual festival again in the coming early summer. As an innovation compared to previous years, we present the festival for the first time as a compact event within 12 days instead of concentrating on weekends during a whole month.

The programme is now online:

Or you download it here: 299_0620011_Ankuendigungsflyer_2021_210x148_RZ_high